We are Asphalt Maintenance Specialists

Squeegee Coating

When you call Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating Co. Inc., you are contacting a team of asphalt maintenance and resurfacing specialists. Our company has been providing Pensacola and surrounding areas quality service for over 35 years.

Our blacktop sealer and sealcoating will not only extend the life of your asphalt but enhances it as well. 

We are now proud to offer Squeegee Coating  as an alternative method of applying our quality sealer..  Most of our competitors in the NW Florida area do not offer this enhanced resurfacing solution.  Squeegee coating provides better, more even coverage by applying the sealer in an even coat with our powerful squeegee coating machine.  Squeegee coating is better at filling cracks and voids often left behind by a spray wand application.  Also, squeegee coating minimizes any chance for light areas or shadowing to occur.  Squeegee Coating is a must do for any parking lot maintenance program, because it serves as a protective covering to the asphalt enabling it to accept the wear and tear of automobiles, damage caused from oil leaks or harsh weather conditions. 

When you contact us you are calling the specialists to provide you with maintenance on your parking lot.  Properly maintain your pavement and keep it looking its best by having asphalt sealer applied to it.  

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