We are Asphalt Maintenance Specialists

Signs, Parking Bumpers, and Speed Bumps

After paving, striping and creating your parking lot to make it safer and more efficient we also provide signage in order to maximize available parking.

  1.      No Parking Signs
  2.      Speed Bump Signs
  3.      Fire Lane Signs
  4.      Stop Signs
  5.      Handicap Signs
  6.      Custom signs as required

Parking Bumpers

  1.      Concrete Parking Bumpers
  2.      Plastic/Concrete Wheel Stops
  3.      Recycled Rubber Parking Bumpers
  4.      Available in Blue, Yellow and Grey

Speed Bumps

  1.      Available in Asphalt (custom made to any width and length)
  2.      Rubber speed bumps

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